International Students checklist

Welcome to ANU! We are so excited to have you start your journey with us. To help you prepare for your time in ANU and in Canberra, we have prepared the checklists and information below for you.

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1. Organise and Understand your Visa

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As an ANU student, you must ensure you hold a current visa which entitles you to study for the duration of your program. For most international students this is subclass 500 visa. For more information about visa requirements, please refer to this page:


2. Understand Customs Requirements - What Can You Bring to Australia?

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When you are travelling overseas, you need to know what are the items you can and cannot bring with you to Australia. Read through the Australian Border Force website to understand more:

3. Organise a Compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover

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As part of your student visa requirements, you are required to hold valid overseas student health cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of your study in Australia. OSHC is a private health care arrangement which helps cover the cost of medical treatments should you get sick or have an accident. For more information about OSHC:

4. Bring Adequate Documentations for Immigration Checkpoint

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When you arrive in Australia, you might be asked to present some documentations to confirm your intention to study in Australia. After leaving the plane, you will proceed to Immigration where an office will ask you for your completed incoming passenger card (you will receive this on the plane), your passport and your student visa. You might also be asked to show additional documentations such as:

-Offer of Admission letter
- Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment
- Receipts of payments (tuition fees, OSHC)
- Personal identification documents such as driver’s licence or ID card


5. Read Through Arrival and Orientation Week Information for All New Students

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We have prepared a list of things for all new students commencing their time at ANU. For morei information:


6. Join NEW@ANU Facebook Group to Connect with New Students

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Before you arrive, you might want to start connecting with fellow new students. NEW@ANU is a student-run Facebook group where you can ask questions, connect with new students and gain advice from later year students.

7. Sign Up for SET4ANU to be Matched Up with Later Year Students

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Starting your first year can be a daunting experience. SET4ANU program matches new students with later year students in a small group setting. Later year students will be able to assist you with getting around campus and answer questions you may have about ANU. You will receive Welcome Emails from our team before the start of your semester containing information about how to register and other important information. Alternatively, you can also sign up via this link:



8. Open an Australian Bank Account

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A number of banks in Australia allow students to open an Australian Bank account up to 3 months before you arrive (provided you have obtained an appropriate visa for your study.) You can open a bank account online. Alternatively, there is also a Commonwealth bank on ANU campus. You can drop by to open an account. You will need your passport, visa and evidence of enrolment to open a bank account.


9. Purchase a SIM Card

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There are many telecommunication providers in Australia offering various prepaid and post-paid SIM cards. You can purchase SIM cards at the airport, at most shopping centres and on campus. There is a Vodafone shopfront located inside ANU campus. You will typically require to present your passport when purchasing a SIM card.

10. Apply for a Tax File Number if You Plan to Work Part-Time in Australia

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If you intend to work part-time in Australia, you will need to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN). Visit the Australian government website to understand more about applying for TFN and your work rights in Australia:

As a visa holder of student visa, your main responsibility in Australia is to study. Depending on your visa, you may be allowed to work a certain number of hours. It is important to stay in compliance with your visa condition to remain lawful in Australia.


11. Order your Overseas Health Cover Membership Card

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When you arrive in Australia, you will need to arrange for your OSHC membership card to be posted to your Australian address. You will need to take your card with you when you go to the doctor. If you have not ordered your membership card, you can pay the consultation fee upfront and claim refund later. For more information, please refer to Allianz’s website:

If you are registered with other providers, please refer to your provider’s website.


12. Add Your Canberra Address and Emergency Contact Details to ISIS

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The Interactive Student Information System (ISIS) is the ANU system that allows students to enrol in courses, view invoices, ceck grades, confirm graduation eligibility and maintain personal information. The university will use contact details from your ISIS account to get in touch with you for important updates. It is important to update your address and contact details so that you don’t miss out on important information from ANU.

13. Enrol in Your Courses

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Enrolment Information
All new students must enrol in courses by the second teaching week in the semester. If you do not enrol in courses, you will not be able to attend and access your classes. We will send email reminders to you in our welcome emails. For more information about enrolling, please refer to Student Central's enrolment  information.

Finding courses
Have a look at the Programs and Courses website and choose your courses. Students intending to study at the ANU during Semester 1 and 2 should enrol for the entire academic year. If you need additional advice speak with a Program and Course Advisor in your Academic College. Please contact your ANU Academic Colleges to arrange a meeting before coursework commences.

Access your courses
Once you have completed your enrolment, you can access your course materials via Wattle (Web Access to Teaching & Learning Environment). Wattle will host important information about course outline, course materials, assessments, lecture information and many more. 

How to access your courses via Wattle?
Use your student ID number sent to you in your welcome email. You will also receive a separate email containing your password to login Wattle 

What if you have not received your password?
We are aware that some students have not received the email containing their password. If you have experienced this issue, please contact ANU IT Support at 02 6125 4321 and follow the prompts (1, 2) to reset your password.

If you are not currently in Australia and haven't received the email containing your password after your welcome email, please email ANU IT Services on from the email address you provided in your application and they will contact you directly to provide a new password. In your email you MUST provide them with the following information: 

  • Your university ID number
  • Your full name
  • Your best contact number (including the international dialling code)
  • The best time to call you between 9am-5pm in Australia (UTC+10:00)

14. Attend Orientation Week Programs - Prioritise!

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Orientation Week programs are available on . There are a lot of events and activities during O-Week so remember to prioritise and attend important sessions! Some of our recommendations include:

- Academic College Induction Sessions
Attend your college induction sessions as these sessions are designed to provide you with important information about your degree structure, courses you should be taking and support available within your college.

- Survive and Thrive Sessions
Survive and Thrive sessions contain important information about all the things that you need to do before starting your semester. This session will also go through available support and assistance in the university.

-Timetabling, Fees and Enrolment Sessions
ANU Student central runs workshops and seminars on how to create your timetable, understanding your fees and how to enrol. These are important administrative steps that you need to complete as a student.

-Market Day
Market day is run by ANU Student Association (ANUSA). It typically takes places on the Wednesday of Orientation Week. There will be a lot of clubs and societies, ANU services and organizations information stalls on the day. It’s the perfect time to explore activities on campus, join interests group and enquire about programs available on campus.


15. Additional Information for Students with Disability

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Students who have a disability, medical condition or who are recognised primary carers of a person with a disability can visit Access & Inclusion to discuss the support available in order to participate fully in their program of study. Access and Inclusion provides advice, supports and adjustments that minimise the impact of disability in education.


16. Additional Information for Late Arrival

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All students must arrive no later than the Wednesday two weeks after Orientation Week. If you are not able to make this deadline, you will need to defer to the next semester. This information may not be applicable in the event of COVID-19 pandemic.

To give you the best possible start to your tertiary education, ANU strongly advises that new students arrive and enrol 1-2 weeks before Orientation week (O-week), which is held the week before the start of semester one and semester two.