Student Experience and Support

At ANU, we offer a wide range of services to support students throughout their time in the university. There are various departments and teams in ANU who are committed to help you in a wide range of areas - from administration, health and wellbeing, academics, career opportunities, volunteering, social lives, pastoral support and many more! Find out more about how we can help you navigate your university experience.

Academics and Administrations



ANU Academic Colleges
ANU has seven academic colleges that house a number of schools and research centres that specialise in a range of disciplines. Your ANU Academic Colleges are your first point of contacts for enquiries related to degree structures, course choices, program transfers and other academic level related matters,

ANU Academic Skills
Whether you are a first-year student, a PhD student or somewhere in between, to be successful at your studies, you need to develop your fundamental academic skills. Here you will find people and information to help you do this effectively.

ANU Accommodation
Your university accommodation is a home away from home. Living in one of our residences gives you access to a wide range of support to help orientate yourself into life at the ANU. There are a range of sporting, social, arts and community based events as well as a strong academic program in each of our residences to help you with your main priority of succeeding in your studies at the ANU.  All of residences offer a high quality standard of pastoral support and good facilities to support.

ANU Student Central
Student Central is your first point of contact for anything relating to student administration, advice and support services. Our friendly team can help you with a range of enquiries from enrolling in your course and understanding fees and invoices, to getting your student ID card, graduation and more.


University Experience



ANU Careers
ANU Careers provides career consultancy and advice to ANU students and recent graduates. Attend workshops and find useful resources that can help you improve your employable skills.

ANU Student Engagement & Success
The Engagement and Success team provides a range of programs and services to enable you to learn and grow intellectually, socially and professionally during your time at ANU. Our programs cater to various student life-cycle. 

ANU Global Programs
ANU Global Programs offer overseas learning experiences that can count towards your ANU degree. There are plenty of credit-bearing options available from international short courses, semester-length exchange and full year programs abroad.

ANU Postrgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA)
When you’re studying a postgraduate degree at ANU, you automatically become a member of PARSA. Governed by students for students, PARSA provides support and services to ANU postgraduate students.

ANU Students' Association - undergraduates (ANUSA)
The ANU Students’ Association or ‘ANUSA’ is a representative body for all undergraduate students at ANU. If you’re an undergraduate student or ANU College student then you’re automatically a member of ANUSA, and membership is free. ANUSA provides services and support to your university interests, welfare and social lives.



Health and Wellbeing


ANU Access and Inclusion
Access and Inclusion (A&I) supports students within the ANU community whose participation in academic studies is impacted by physical and learning disabilities, mental health conditions, chronic medical conditions and short term illnesses/conditions. The team also support carers, international under 18 students and elite athletes.

ANU Counselling
ANU Counselling provides free and confidential counselling is for all currently enrolled ANU students, including ANU College students. Appointments are available for booking. There are also group programs for common issues, public seminars, and a peer support walking program.

ANU Thrive
ANU Wellbeing aims to promote wellbeing within the Australian National University community, through positive health and mental health messages.

ANU Respectful Relationships Unit
All our professional and personal relationships should be respectful. Respectful relationships are built on trust, good communication and mutual respect. Within a culture of respectful relationships, there is no place for sexual assault, sexual harassment or violence of any kind. As part of the University's ongoing work to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment before it happens, and to respond appropriately when it does happen, the Respectful Relationships Unit was established.

English Wellbeing Enhancement Series (EWES)
EWES offers a range of workshops aimed to support international students living and studying in Australia. EWES workshops are open to all first-year ANU students who come from non-English speaking backgrounds. EWES' programs will assist you to practice your English for academic success, meet other new International students online and develop personal, social and academic confidence.

ANU Sports
ANU Sport is a thriving student and community sport and recreation organisation at the Australian National University. Located in the heart of the ANU campus, ANU Sport is the place to be! We strive to make our facilities and activities fun, safe, and a place for everyone.