Register for the ANU welcome service

We are committed to supporting the arrival experience of our commencing students. Due to ongoing challenges resulting from COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended our in-person Airport Welcome Program for S1 2022.

In place of this program, we are offering Uber Vouchers to assist with transfer costs in Canberra. Vouchers can be used from Canberra Airport and Jolimont bus station to travel to your place of residence in Canberra. All new students commencing in S1 2022 and returning international students are eligible to request for Uber vouchers.

Requesting Uber Vouchers
To request for an Uber voucher, please register here.

Uber vouchers information

Uber vouchers will be issued to eligible students who have completed the ANU welcome service forms available on this page. Vouchers will be sent to your ANU email address and will cover a single trip to the maximum value of AUD40. Trips from Canberra airport to ANU typically costs $30-$35, while trips from Jolimont bus station to ANU typically cost $15. Any unused balance will be automatically creditted back to ANU Engagement and Success. You will need to have an Uber app on your phone to use the voucher. Further information will be emailed to voucher recipients.

Registrations for semester 1, 2022 Uber service has been extended to 14 February 2022, 9 AM Canberra time. Students arriving in February can still receive Uber vouchers provided that they have registered before 14 February 2022. 

For international students information, please refer to: 

For further questions, contact