Life at ANU

Life at ANU offers something for everyone. You can join in activities, including clubs and societies, that complement your studies and future career or ones that simply inspire you to pursue the things you love.  

Getting involved in as many things as possible will make sure your ANU experience is one of life’s best.  

Our campus is a hub of student activities, including events, markets, performances, concerts, many of which are held at Kambri and in easy reach of lecture halls and libraries. Canberra’s CBD is also a short walk away, and there's always events on in Canberra.  

Study spaces 

There are spots all over campus to study, from lounge zones, cascading lawns and rooms with comfortable furniture, whiteboards and screens – perfect for when you want to work with a group on a project or presentation. ANU Library offers a range of group study rooms for ANU students and staff to book during opening hours.


Kambri is the heart of our campus and is famous for all kinds of social events, from concerts to movie nights, theatre performances, and DJ workshops. During Orientation Week, it comes alive, with markets and workshops. 

Find out more about events in Kambri

Shops and cafes 

Our campus is crammed full of cafes, shops and bars that serve up study supplies and food from around the world.  Catch up with friends over a burger, sushi, pub lunch or for your regular dessert or coffee fix. 

ANU clubs and societies 

Joining a club or society is super easy and a great way to meet heaps of new friends, build networks and gain experiences that can help you grow and get the most out of university.  

Learn more about ANU clubs and societies.

Student unions and associations 

At ANU there are two student associations, ANUSA represents undergraduate students and PARSA representing postgraduate students. 

ANU Students' Association(ANUSA) 

ANUSA is the representative body for all undergraduate students at ANU. If you are starting at ANU as an undergraduate student you are automatically a member of ANUSA. ANUSA focuses on welfare, advocacy and social life for students. They run social events during O-week and throughout the year. 

There are also seven departments run and organised by ANUSA: 

ANU Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA) 

PARSA is the representative body for all postgraduate students at the ANU. All postgraduate students are automatically members. They focus on social life, welfare and advocacy for postgraduate students, both in their studies and their daily lives. 

PARSA run social events throughout the year including during O-Week, represent postgraduate students in university committees and act as a communicative body.