Apply for SET4ANU

Set4ANU is a fun, free volunteer program designed to support new students in making the transition to life at the Australian National University. Set4ANU connects new and current students before, during and after arrival and offers a range of programs and resources to help new students transition with ease.

What is Set4ANU?

Set4ANU encompasses:

  • Preparing for life at ANU
  • Set4ANU Mentoring Program
  • Orientation Week
  • Airport and Jolimont Welcome
  • New student checklist
  • Getting to know Canberra 
  • Online resources and modules
  • Webinar Sessions
  • Campus and Community Tours
  • Workshops and Events

What is the Set4ANU Mentoring Program?

The Set4ANU Mentoring Program introduces new students with experienced, later year ANU students, referred to as Set4ANU Mentors. Set4ANU Mentors assist new students to:

  • Learn about the ANU campus and the surrounding Canberra area
  • Learn about the support services available to students at the ANU
  • Learn how to navigate various ANU administrative and online systems
  • Learn about the various clubs and societies on campus and how to access university facilities
  • Meet other new students and network with people from your Academic College

They also act as a contact person for any general questions or concerns you might have and if they don't have the answers, they'll help you find them!

SET4ANU Mentors are not able to provide any academic tutoring or advice. They can give general advice about learning at university but for course-specific academic advice please visit your college academic advisors or course convenor/tutor.

Applications for Semester 2 Set4ANU Mentors are now closed. 

How do I register for a Set4ANU Mentor?

All new students commencing in 2019 are able to register for the Set4ANU Mentoring Program. 

Semester 2 Set4ANU Mentee (new student) registrations open 3rd June 2019.

Can I volunteer with Set4ANU?

Friendly, helpful volunteers are integral in supporting new students through the Set4ANU program. Volunteers may assist the Student Experience and Career Development team with:

  • On and off campus events
  • ANU Campus and Canberra tours
  • Workshops
  • Interactive activities
  • Webinar Sessions
  • Outreach activities
  • Set4ANU Mentoring Program

For futher information, please contact the team at