Essential modules

Congratulations on joining The Australian National University

Before you begin your studies at ANU, you will need to complete these essential modules. They’ll help you settle in, respect others and feel safe on campus.   

Compulsory Modules

Consent matters

What is consent? Why is it important? Gain an understanding of the meaning of sexual consent and when it can be given through scenarios that will help you make informed decisions.


Academic integrity

Equip yourself to work and write with academic integrity at ANU and avoid misconduct.


Recommended Modules

Being well, living well

This module takes a positive, preventative approach to help students maintain their mental, physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing throughout their university journey. Toolkits in this module will equip students with practical strategies to cope with and prevent wellbeing issues.


International Student Success Module

Studying in a different country can be both exciting and confusing. Normal activities like crossing a street, taking public transport and shopping, can be different from home. This online course provides an overview on cultural aspects of living and studying in Australia.